Young People Wonder Just What Kind of World They’re Leaving for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards


As environmental destruction seems to be increasing every day, young people across America are concerned about what kind of a world they’re going to leave for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards.

“When you watch the news, you have to stop and say to yourself, ‘you know, we really need to think about how this affects Willie Nelson and Keith Richards,”” said college freshman Dan Plett of Seminole. “I mean, sure, it seems all fine and good right now, but what kind of a life are they going to have after we’re all long gone?”

Plett has organized an environmental activist group saying that he really thinks its important to think long term.

“You can’t just think of yourself all the time,” said Plett. “You’ve got to think about Willie Nelson and Keith Richards. I mean, they’re the future.”

Plett has already raised over $200,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to help future generations and Willie Nelson and Keith Richards.

“There are a lot of problems in our world, but there’s also reason to be optimistic,” said Plett. “It may not get better right away, maybe not even in my lifetime, but I am certain that if make these changes that we all know we should, we can give Willie Nelson and Keith Richards a planet they can feel proud of for centuries to come.”

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