Costumed Museum Volunteer Mistaken for “Real Authentic Mennonite”


More than a thousand eager photographers from the city stopped to get a snapshot of museum volunteer Erin Bergmann this afternoon, figuring they had got themselves a photo of a “real authentic Mennonite.”

“Little do they know I normally wear Lululemons and a Taylor Swift t-shirt,” explained Bergmann, still wearing the dress and head covering the museum provides to volunteers. “But, you know, go ahead and take a few pictures. It’s not against my religion.”

Erin dutifully churned butter all afternoon, while tourists admired her commitment to sporting nothing but the best and most genuine Anabaptist attire.

“I mean, at least I’m a Bergmann, so I’ve got that going for me,” said Erin, “but my friend Rachel in the summer kitchen? I bet folks would be shocked to find out she’s actually a Cloutier from Ste. Anne.”

Still the museum grounds were packed with city folks trying to determine who was a volunteer and who “dressed like that all the time.”

“It’s like the Mennonite game for city people,” explained Bergmann. “Good luck. And, hey, I’ll have you know I am a real authentic Mennonite no matter what I’m wearing.”

To prove her point, Bergmann then tossed a ringer, kjnipsed a twenty, and downed a whole ice cream pail of raisin buns.

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