Winnipeg Woman Hosts Lovely Housewarming Party for Area Ladybugs


Sandra Berg of North Kildonan invited a swarm of more than a thousand ladybugs into her home this weekend for a lovely get-together.

“They came in through a crack in the windowsill,” said Berg. “I’ve been telling my Dan for months to just leave that crack there so that the ladybugs can provide us with a splendid infestation every fall.”

Berg has been greeting each ladybug with freshly made roll kuchen, a bit of Golden Syrup, and some hand made soap.

“As a Mennonite woman, I’ve always been taught to be hospitable to guests,” said Berg. “I had to hold Dan back from sucking them all up with the vacuum cleaner as they entered.”

Berg says many folks in her neighbourhood have also been welcoming the new guests.

“They don’t call us Friendly Manitoba for nothing,” said Berg. “I mean you should just see how we treat the tent caterpillars.”

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