Winnipeg Man Becomes Instant Millionaire After Sales Tax Drops By One Percent


Local man, Mr. Klassen, of North Kildonan is eagerly anticipating the reduction of the Provincial Sales Tax from eight to seven percent this summer. The change will mean such a huge boost in his disposable cash that Mr. Klassen has already purchased Jets seasons tickets and a lakefront cabin with a hot tub near Kenora.

“I used to be on a pretty tight budget,” said Mr. Klassen. “But I’ve done the math and that one percent reduction in sales tax is going to mean a huge increase in my income. Millions of dollars I imagine.”

Mrs. Klassen, on the other hand, is not really quite sure about Mr. Klassen’s math.

“I’m not sure how a minuscule reduction in sales tax will take us from sixty grand a year to 1.5 million, but, then again, I was never all that good at math,” said Mrs. Klassen. “I’ll just defer to Harold on the topic. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

The Klassens have totally maxed out their credit cards in anticipation of the massive surge in annual income.

“Let me tell you, saving one percent every time I purchase a bag of Doritos is really worth a little extra wait in the emergency room or a few more potholes on the roads,” said Klassen. “I’ve always dreamed of being a millionaire. It sure feels great to be rich!”

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