Vegetables Left Untouched After Mennonite Woman Brings Nanaimo Bars


When the Friesens moved out to Vancouver Island to retire in 1998, little did they know that they’d spend their golden years indulging on sweet treats that their Prairie Mennonite stomachs could only imagine.

“Oba, within the first week I was hooked on Nanaimo bars,” said Mrs. Friesen, originally of Osler, Saskatchewan. “Back home we just don’t use that much sugar. The best you can get is a bran muffin with raisins or something.”

Mrs. Friesen was tasked with bringing veggies for the church potluck this week, but just couldn’t resist bringing her favourite west coast treat instead.

“Celery and ranch dip? Who are you kidding. I’m bringing Nanaimo bars!” proclaimed Mrs. Friesen, who quickly became the most popular woman in church. “You only live once!”

All the other church ladies had brought various types of bean salads, which were left completely untouched once Mrs. Friesen arrived with the treats.

“She’s making us look bad,” said Mrs. Duerksen, who moved to Nanaimo ten years ago from Winkler.  “I mean once there are Nanaimo bars on the table, who’s going to touch my kale salad!”

Once the plate of Nanaimo bars was polished off, church members reluctantly scooped Mrs. Wiebe’s rice pilaf and Mrs. Epp’s lentil soup onto their Styrofoam plates.

(photo credit: Mike/CC)

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