United States Senate to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime Show


Attendees at Super Bowl LIV on Sunday are in for a real treat as the entire US Senate will be performing at what is being hyped as the greatest halftime show ever.

“Initially we had Springsteen, but when the Senate choir became available, he got bumped,” said Super Bowl organizer Brent McGillicuddy. “I mean when you get entertainment talent of US Senate level, you can’t pass up the chance!”

A sudden opening in the schedule became available and many US senators are looking to expand their appeal.

“We’re starting with an a capella version of ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ and moving straight into a cover of 2019’s top song ‘Bad Guy,'” said Senate Choir Director Mitch McConnell. “You should hear Mike Braun’s whisper vocals. You’d swear it was Billie Eilish herself!”

The Senate choir has been practicing for months in hopes of an opportunity like this.

“You never know when you’re going to be called upon to serve your country,” said McConnell. “Rest assured, when you want poorly performed pop songs, the US Senate is always here for the American people!”

A last minute substitution has meant the national anthem will be sung by Nancy Pelosi.

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