Unger Becomes First Mennonite Ever to Return Home to Manitoba After Trip to Abbotsford


Writer Andrew Unger became the first Mennonite ever to return to his home province of Manitoba after a visit to Abbotsford, BC. Unger was in Abbotsford to read from his new book The Best of the Bonnet and, strangely, did not take up residence after the reading.

“That Unger fellow was weirder than I thought,” said Abbotsford man Peter Driedger, who attended the event. “I thought for sure he’d read a few articles and then settle down right here in the Fraser Valley.”

The book launch was held at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Abbotsford and was attended by numerous eager real estate agents.

“I think we’ve got one!” said local realtor Sarah Barkman. “No one ever takes that return flight back to Manitoba.”

In his defence, Unger said he just needed to go home and check with his wife, plus he needed to pick up his vast stockpile of knackzoat.

“I’ll be back. I promise,” said Unger, though he can’t figure out any scenario whereby he could afford to sell his house in Manitoba and purchase one in BC without venturing into crippling amounts of debt.

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