Trump Becomes First Member of New Ana-Impeachment Sect


After going through the process a second time, President Trump has become the world’s first member of the radical Ana-Impeachment sect.

“I was worried the first impeachment wouldn’t count,” said Trump. “After all, I was basically an infant when it happened and it was against my will. That’s why I decided to get re-impeached.”

Critics of Trump have branded him an “ana-impeachist”, a term he isn’t keen to self-apply.

“Is it really a re-impeachment if I don’t think the first one was valid in the first place?” pondered Trump. “Besides that first impeachment was just a sprinkle. This time I went for the full-on immersion.”

Trump has already gathered a small following of re-impeachers or “ana-impeachers”, though most are simply known as Donaldites.

Donaldites and other Anaimpeachers are so heavily persecuted that they’re having to flee their various social media accounts for social media outlets that are more tolerant of their strange anaimpeaching ways.

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