Trump Admits His Entire Term Was All Just Satire


Hours after it was clear he’d lost the election, President Trump took to Twitter to announce he’d just been trolling everyone for the past four years and was actually a really nice guy.

“I thought I was pretty hilarious,” said Trump. “You all know what satire is, right?  I’m really surprised y’all didn’t catch on sooner. I mean, a massive border wall, the mother of all bombs, cutting health care? Ha ha, I got you guys good!”

Trump claims he’d been watching Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator for inspiration.

“I never would have thought people would take me seriously,” said Trump. “I guess this is what happens when you elect a reality TV star. Come on, now, chin up, people.”

Trump said he had particular fun pretending to be religious.

“It was a spoof. That should have been obvious,” said Trump. “I literally went into the Bible, read the Sermon on the Mount and did the complete opposite.”

Trump did not clarify what the point of his four-year satire was, but said if you look at his term closely enough, the message should be clear enough.

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