Toronto Argos Celebrate Victory with Reception in Mennonite Church Basement


The Grey Cup-winning Toronto Argonauts gathered at the South Toronto Mennonite Church basement this afternoon for a lovely celebration that included a delightful array of buns with jam and several fans.

“Thanks, everyone, for coming out,” said Argos head coach Ryan Dinwiddie. “It’s great to have your tremendous support. Looks like we’ve got a packed church basement here.”

The basement was so packed with Argo fans that the church custodian had to set up a second table.

“Oh, and it looks like Frank showed up. So great to see you,” said Dinwiddie. “Pull up a chair. Take your coat off and stay a while!”

After a few cups of decaf attendees witnessed the 2022 Grey Cup parade, which required the church to shut down a number of Sunday school rooms to accommodate the crowds.

“We truly have the best fans in the CFL,” said Dinwiddie, who proceeded to list them all by name. “Thanks to Bob, Dwayne, Melissa, Candace, Susan, Adam, Tim, Abe, Pat, and Judy.”

The Argonauts then filled the Grey Cup with church basement red juice and passed it around for everyone to share.

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