‘Tooth & Nail’ Band Books Thirty Night Residency in Baptist Church Basement


Local punk rocker Sam Dyck, 39, of Kleefeld, Manitoba is really excited that his favourite 90s Christian pop punk band The Undecided have booked a long term residency in the Southdale Baptist basement in Winnipeg.

“It starts as soon as the pandemic’s over and ends when all the Snapple and popcorn is consumed,” said Dyck, who is just three credits short of a Biblical Studies degree from Providence College, which he’s been “chipping away” at since 1999. “I’m already tearing holes in my jeans in anticipation!”

In an effort to re-live his childhood of punk concerts in church basements and gymnasiums, Dyck is hoping to lure a whole host of his favourite 90s Christian alternative rock bands to play between church potlucks. In addition to The Undecided, his list also includes MxPx, Joy Electric, Starflyer 59, Dogwood and the OC Supertones.

“I’ve even got my eye on some local Winnipeg acts,” said Dyck. “I’m just hoping the guys from Officer Down, Cough, Flushing Kermit and Gooch are still around.”

Dyck recently got permission from his mom to listen to this kind of music after successfully convincing her it was Christian.

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