The 5 Best ASMR Videos for Mennonites!

What the schissjat is ASMR? Well, I’m not really sure, but my cousin says she gets a tingly feeling by watching some vid-yos on the YouTubes. I said, ‘Nah, Maria, it doesn’t give such’ but then she showed me some vid-yos….

Milking a cow:

Playing Dutch Blitz:

Eating sausage:


Bible reading and page turning:

Knacking zoat:

After watching them I said to Martha, “Dietschlaund, Martha, now I know what you’re talking about once.” I got pretty hooked on the vid-yos, but dan I realized I didn’t need the YouTubes for ASMR. I could get ASMR every Sunday at church.

I guarantee you, there’s nothing more ASMR than Mennonites singing a capella!

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