Steinbach’s Mary Browns Can’t Figure Out Which One of them Opened that New Restaurant


More than two dozen Mary Browns from the Steinbach area gathered in the parking lot out by Walmart today trying to figure out which one of them was responsible for this new chicken restaurant.

“I know it’s not Mrs. Mary P. Brown,” said Mrs. Mary H. Brown, “because I’ve never been all that impressed with her chicken.”

There were so many Mary Browns gathered in one place that even a few Mary Brauns slipped into the crowd unnoticed.

“Oba, looks like Mary Brown finally opened up her cafe like she’s always been talking about,” said Mary Braun. “It’s so nice to see her keeping busy after retiring from all those years as the church librarian.”

Rumours have it that a few other Mary Browns are thinking of setting up shop, too, once they see how this one goes.

“I’m biding my time,” said Mary F. Brown, “and then at the opportune moment I’m revealing my buns to the world!”

A few Mary Reimers and Mary Giesbrechts are also considering opening up shop next to a Starbucks as well.

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