Sound of Knacking Zoat Used as Mennonite Mating Call


Young Mennonite men throughout the Grunthal region, including Gnadenfeld, Kronsgard, and Alt-Bergfeld, have been loudly knacking their zoat on the back of Ernie Friesen’s pick-up truck this weekend in hopes of attracting eligible young Mennonite women.

“Pieta has been working on his mating call for years,” said cousin Johan. “As soon as he lets out a loud KNACK, the women come running!”

Pieta is reluctant to disclose his secret, but experts suggest there is something about the way he cups his hand over his mouth and chomps down on the sunflower seeds that creates a particularly alluring knack.

“Oba, that Pieta is dreamy! When I hear his distinctive knack I drop my milking pail and come a-running,” said local woman Nettie Falk, 20. “I just hope I can get over to the pits before Elma Klippenstein arrives!”

Pieta says he tried snapping his suspenders to attract women, but found that nothing riles up a Mennonite woman’s senses like the sound of a good knack.

(photo credit: osseous/CC)

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