Single Piece of Juicy Fruit Lasts a Record Three Minutes


Mrs. Froese of Chilliwack has set a new world record by managing to squeeze a full three minutes of flavour from one piece of Juicy Fruit gum.

“It’s got that sweet fruity blast at first, but it fades pretty quick,” said Mrs. Froese. “I’d say it was just like my husband Dan, but I don’t want to embarrass him.”

Mrs. Froese has been handing out packages of Juicy Fruit in the paper bags at Christmas to all the grandkids, knowing full well they’ll have to chew through the whole package within an hour.

“I’m not sure why us Mennonites buy this stuff,” said Mrs. Froese. “You can’t even make it through one of Pastor Bob sermons with a single pack.”

Despite the brief moment where she can extract any kind of flavour from the gum, Mrs. Froese if a die hard Juicy Fruit fan.

“If I you grew up on Thrills like I did, anything’s an improvement.”

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