Saskatchewan Roughriders Claim Victory in 2020 Labour Day Classic


The Covid-canceled 2020 CFL season gave the Saskatchewan Roughriders the chance to go undefeated for the first time in franchise history, including a stunning defeat over the Blue Bombers in this year’s unplayed Labour Day Classic.

“Our defence is so stellar, the Bombers didn’t even score a point,” said Mr. Wall, 46, of Regina. “Man, I hope Covid’s still around next year because I just love watching my Riders leave all the other teams scoreless!”

After shutting out the reigning Grey Cup champion Bombers in the 2020 Labour Day Classic, Rider fans are optimistic about their chances in the upcoming non-existent playoffs.

“The other teams are so scared to play us they’re not even taking the field!” said Wall. “I guess they just can’t handle a masked and sanitized 13th man!”

Rider fans are so proud of their 2020 Labour Day victory they’ve forgotten all about the fact they’ve only won four Grey Cups in franchise history.

“Hey, can you really blame us?” said Wall. “After a few too many Old Style Pilsners you’ll forget almost anything.”

(photo credit: Daniel Paquet/CC)

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