Saskatchewan Butcher Claims His Farmer Sausage is Just as Good as Anything they Make in Manitoba


Still reeling from the 2019 CFL season, Saskatchewan man Peter Klassen is making bold claims that his farmer sausage is just as good, if not better, than the stuff made in southern Manitoba.

“It’s time people stop importing that Manitoba Mennonite farmer sausage, when we make perfectly delicious sausage right here in Saskatchewan,” said Klassen. “There’s no need to pay those import duties.”

The ‘Buy Saskatchewan Sausage’ campaign has been viewed by some as rather isolationist, but Mr. Klassen doesn’t see it that way.

“Fry up some Klassen’s Worst and see it for yourself,” said Klassen. “Our worst is the best. There’s no need to stuff your suitcases with the Manitoba stuff anymore!”

Some Mennonites from Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan claim the foreign-made Manitoba sausage is better quality, while others believe that domestic sausage is the way to go.

“I know Mr. Wiebe over there thinks he’s so high and mighty grilling his Manitoba made sausage in the parking lot,” said Mr. Broesky. “But I think the domestic models are just as tasty … and more reliable.”

While the sausage wars continue, some well-to-do Mennonites in Grunthal have even switched over to chorizo.

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