Rosenort Couple Faces Existential Crisis: Are We Jantsied or Ditsied?


The Loewens of Rosenort have been facing considerable anxiety over the last few years trying to figure out whether they’re Jantsied or Ditsied. The conundrum has caused such stress that the Loewens have entered marital counselling just to address this issue.

“Okay, so, like Dave says Rosenort is on the west side of the Red River, so that makes it Jantsied,” said Alice. “Plus, our accent is totally Jantsied, he says.”

However, Alice isn’t convinced by Dave’s arguments.

“The man knows nothing about history. The Scratching River settlement was a third reserve, neither East nor West and it was primarily settled by people from the East Reserve. That would make us Ditsieders!”

Alice also points out the fact they do all their shopping in Steinbach and even drive out to Southland for church on Sundays.

“We’re Ditsieders through and through!” says Alice. “And I sure hope our marriage counsellor can convince Dave of this!”

Dave begrudgingly agreed to go to counselling so long as they can stop by at Morris Chicken Chef on the way home to Rosenort.

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