Right Winger Aghast at Private Company Exercising their Free Market Right to Ban Trump


Libertarian types around the globe were totally aghast at the “disgusting display of free enterprise” after private corporation Twitter decided to exercise their free market right by deciding who can and who cannot access their private cyber property.

“Argh! Stupid Twitter– doing whatever the heck they want with their own property!” exclaimed local Trumper Billy Schmidt. “You know, it’s strange, this whole incident has got me questioning my adherence to the principles of laissez-faire capitalism.”

Schmidt is now calling for government intervention to straighten things out.

“The government’s gotta go in there and make sure Twitter is allowing everyone to access their private property whenever they choose,” said Schmidt. “Jeepers, I’m sounding more and more like a socialist every day…”

Oh, and Schmidt still doesn’t think that baker in Arizona should have to bake a cake for a gay wedding if he doesn’t want to and is also reportedly really really mad the Daily Bonnet is deleting his comments on Facebook.

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