Rhubarb Sauce Discovered on Mennonite Man’s Perogies


Area man Art Wiens, 59, was shocked to discover a dollop of what appeared to be rhubarb sauce on his vereniki this week.

Diewel, Dietschlaund, Schinda! I’m not sure where this rhubarb sauce came from,” said Wiens. “Around here, we use nothing but pure unadulterated schmaunt fat.”

Wiens was attending a vereniki fundraise and, thus, had no control over what would be placed on his cottage cheese dumplings.

“This must be some kind of Jantsied influence or something,” said Wiens. “We definitely don’t sweeten up our perogies in these parts.”

Wiens was also baffled at the very peculiar way the farmer sausage was cut into little individual pieces, which he also blamed on the Altona influence.

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