Resourceful Mennonite Woman Makes Do With Hamburger Patties and Hot Dog Buns


It was a peculiar combination, but Mrs. Doerksen managed to hold a Doerksen family BBQ this weekend even though she’d completely run out of hamburger buns.

Mench ekj saj, the hamburgers come in packages of eight and the buns come in packages of 12!” exclaimed Mrs. Doerksen. “It’s inevitable that you’re going to be mix-matched eventually!”

Luckily for Mrs. Doerksen she had a package of hot dog buns in the freezer.

“See, what you do is you slice up the patties into thin strips and then make burger-dogs,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “Either that or just eat them with a fork and knife like klops.”

Mrs. Doerksen also has a contingency plan for when the wieners outnumber the buns, in which case she cuts the wieners in half and hopes she has enough hamburger buns.

“Using wieners in hamburger buns and hamburgers in hot dogs buns in a long-standing Mennonite tradition,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “I just hope we have the proper pickle to cheese curd ratio at next week’s faspa.”

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