MKs Totally Destroy PKs in First Annual Church Kid Olympics


MKs from across the world flew into Winnipeg this month, and after quarantining for two weeks, were ready to “absolutely destroy” the team of PKs who had been assembled for the first annual Church Kid Olympics.

“The PKs took an early lead after taking home gold, silver and bronze in the Stacking the Church Basement Chairs After Faspa competition,” said TSN Analyst Rod Black. “However, the MKs dismantled a weak-looking PK team on the Bible Memorization and World Geography court.”

Also on the schedule this week are competitions in Eating Spicy Food, Speaking Foreign Languages, and Staying Awake During the Sermon.

“The MKs are looking strong in most categories, but may falter in the Sitting Still in Church category,” said Rod Black. “The MKs definitely have the edge in the Awareness of the World Around You competition, but might be beatable in Uncooked Spaghetti and Macaroni Art and Sticking Paper Cutouts of Bible Figures on Boards Made of Flannel tournament. It’s going to be fierce competition this week.”

Also competing are a team of Christian homeschool kids and a team of the very best and brightest campers from last year’s Bible camp.

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