Pastor Lets Church Out Early So People Can Get to Chicken Chef


Tired of always having to wait until for their rival EMMMCers to finish their meals, Pastor Dan at Morden MCMB decided to let church out early this week so that they could get to Chicken Chef.

“I think their pastor ends the service at 11:45 just so they can get the prime Chicken Chef tables,” said Pastor Dan. “Well, the EMMMC has an advantage no more! This week, we’re getting to Chicken Chef first!”

Pastor Dan cut back his sermon to just ten minutes from the usual hour-and-fifteen minutes so that his parishioners could scoot out the door and get their fried chicken!

“Hey, it’s a win-win situation,” said church-goer Dorothy. “A ten minute sermon, plus Chicken Chef! You can’t lose!”

There is some concern that this action will start a bit of war between the two churches, as there already is some rumbling over at the EMMMC about ending church at 11:00.

“You’ve gotta stay one step ahead of your competition,” said Pastor Dan. “If they end at 11:00, we’ll end at 10:45!”

Mrs. Friesen, a rebel Mennonite, formerly of Winkler, who hasn’t attended a church service in thirty years, pointed out that she has them both beat.

(photo credit: Wystan/CC)

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