Parking Lot at Mennonite Retirement Home Completely Filled with Honda CR-Vs


Both the surface lot and the underground parkade at Happy Menno adult living complex in Winkler were completely filled with Honda CR-Vs this weekend.

“It was a sea of grey, white and blue CR-Vs down there,” said Mr. Penner. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Well, other than the MB lot during the early service.”

Mr. Penner says he’s been a CR-V owner for about ten years and is glad to see that the last remaining sedan driver in his building had finally caved.

“That Mr. Wiens was a hold out, but I finally convinced him after letting him take my CR-V for a spin around the block,” said Mr. Penner. “He came back and said he’d never felt such a sense of power and obliviousness to his surroundings before in his life!”

Honda CR-Vs are so popular with Mennonite seniors that some are calling it the “new Buick.”

“The succession of Mennonite vehicles goes like this,” said Mr. Penner. “First you drive the Civic up and down Main Street for about ten years, then you get married and drive your minivan at slow speeds all over town, then you retire and get a CR-V .. after that they take away your license.”

Mr. Penner also pointed out that somewhere along the way a Mennonite man usually fixes up an old ’48 Chevy 3100 pickup, but his wife always makes him sell it when they move into the condo.

(photo credit: Scottb211/CC)

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