New Facebook Algorithm Only Shows Posts from Your 26 Closest Frintschoft


A study conducted in Fresno, California indicates that Facebook is now only showing posts from your 26 closest frintschoft and has completely blocked posts by Uncle Jake.

“Blocking Uncle Jake is no loss, but I’m sure missing Tante Lina’s garden photos,” said 20-year-old college student Sarah Toews. “Diewel, I miss those close-ups of her gladiolas.”

According to an online rumour, all you have to do is post a line of text on your wall to get around the 26-frintschoft limit.

Jauma, you’d think a major tech company could make it a little more difficult than a simple wall post to hack their algorithms,” said Sarah. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just do whatever this meme tells me to do.”

Sarah quickly regretted her decision as her feed was instantly flooded with conspiracy theory memes by Uncle Jake and photos of her cousins Linda and Pete preparing for their upcoming nuptials.

(photo credit: English106/CC)

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