Ted Falk Unharmed After Naked Man Appears in Parliament


Casualties are still being counted in Ottawa today after a Liberal MP accidentally appeared completely naked in a House of Commons Zoom meeting. Psychologists and pastors were rushed to the scene to console any MPs who may have been traumatized by the event.

“This may be common in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, but I guarantee there’s never been a naked man at a Steinbach Credit Union meeting,” said trauma expert Samantha Bueckert. “I’m especially concerned that some of our Mennonite MPs may being losing some sleep over this.”

Of particular concern were all the MPs from Southern Manitoba, who “just aren’t used to this sort of thing.”

Diewel! I haven’t seen such full frontal nudity since the Blumenort pits in the summer of ’73, and even then it was just one of my cousins in jean shorts,” said Provencher MP Ted Falk. “I’m just glad the Liberals are finally admitting the truth: the Emperor has no clothes!”

While Conservative MPs were quick to point to the event as an example of the moral decay of society, the Liberals, on the other hand, said it was just another example of the diverse views represented by their party.

“If anything, I’d like to see more of this,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “Just remember what they always say: all bodies are Parliament bodies.”

Trudeau dismissed the nudity, saying it was a sign of progress, and vows to appoint a 50% naked cabinet in the next Parliament.

(photo credit: Tony Alter/CC)

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