Naive Manitoba Man Tries to Send a Text from Out by Sandilands Somewhere


Local man Tim Giesbrecht, 41, was at the annual Giesbrecht wiener roast and horseshoes tournament at the ranger station in the Sandilands forest when he hauled out his phone between shots and attempted to send a text message to his buddies back home in Mitchell.

Waut de schissjat! I’ve got zero bars!” said an exasperated Giesbrecht. “I can’t even check TikTok out here!”

Giesbrecht was under the impression that he had cell coverage across Manitoba but apparently that doesn’t apply as soon as you get any further east than Marchand.

“What would we do if we had a bear attack or something?” said Giesbrecht. “You know this wouldn’t be the first Giesbrecht gathering that was interrupted by wildlife.”

Giesbrecht was so perturbed by his lack of cell reception, and inability to play Animal Crossing between shots, that he cut the horseshoes game short and drove back home, even though he was up by three ringers.

“I’ve gotta get back home and check my messages,” said Giesbrecht, who quickly realized it made no difference and his Internet connection was just as terrible in Mitchell as it was way out in the middle of the forest.

(photo credit: Mario Sanchez Prada/CC)

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