Mrs. Friesen’s Plumi Moos Now 100% Mouse Free


Mrs. Friesen would like to clear up a misunderstanding that has been going on for years: her world famous plumi moos contains nothing but plums.

“It’s vegan,” said Mrs. Friesen. “No mice involved. Not a single one. Never has, and, Lord willing, never will.”

Friesen claims that her grandkids have been reluctant to try her moos for this very reason.

“They seem to think it contains some rodents of some sort,” said Mrs. Friesen. “It’s very hard to convince them otherwise.”

Friesen says she once force-fed young Timmy and saying, “Here, try this. Would a mouse taste this delicious?” but, apparently, the experience of having his grandmother pin back his arms and pry a spoon full of cold plum soup in his mouth did not improve his opinion on the matter.

“He still won’t try it,” says Friesen. “Oh, well, I guess it’s just more for the adults.”

Friesen says she has also managed to keep the kids from finding out what farmer sausage casings are really made from.

(photo credit: Elliot Brown/CC)

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