Michael Phelps Spotted at Local Gravel Pits


Just weeks after breaking Olympic records, world champion swimmer Michael Phelps was seen leisure swimming at the gravel pits just outside Grunthal, Manitoba.

“He had a bit more of a beer belly then I recall from the TV,” said local partier Hank Krahn, “and a farmer’s tan, too, but the way he just dove right in there and roughhoused with Edna Klassen like that, I just knew it had to be Michael Phelps.”

Krahn also claims that he shared a Smirnoff Ice with Phelps on the back of his pickup truck before the police came and chased them away from the pits.

“After that I don’t know what happened to him,” recalls Krahn. “He just threw on his suspenders and drove down the 216 in his rusted-out Chevy. You might want to see if he’s in Vita or something.”

Krahn says he comes to these pits all the time, but is usually too busy flirting with Susie Friesen to pay much attention to anything else.

“I’m going to be a little more alert from now on,” says Krahn. “You just never know who might show up at the Grunthal pits.”

(Photo credit: by Suzanne Schroeter/CC)

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