Mennonites Eager for Thrift Stores to Reopen


Mrs. Froese is beside herself waiting for her local MCC store to reopen in the next little while. During the time it was closed, Mrs. Froese had no place to donate all her old stuff and things really started to pile up.

“I’ve got an old Casio keyboard and a closet full of clothes that no longer fit post-Covid,” said Mrs. Froese. “It’s really getting out of hand. Oba, I sure hope the MCC opens up quick once.”

Mrs. Froese has also been keeping every margarine and ice cream container she’s obtained over the past few months.

“And the pickle jars, too,” said Mrs. Froese. “I’ve been rinsing them out in hopes that one day–someday soon–I’ll be able to find a good home for them!”

Mrs. Froese is also looking forward to buying up all the stuff that Mrs. Kroeker plans to donate.

“As soon as Dorothy makes her drop-off, I’m going to be hitting up the Self Help for sure!” said Mrs. Froese. “She always has the best tea cups and Heintje records!”

During the pandemic, Mrs. Froese has had to pay full retail for all the stuff she’s been buying and it’s really put a damper on her budget.

Dietschlaund! I haven’t paid ten whole dollars for a pair of jeans since my ‘Lutheran phase’ back in the eighties,” said Mrs. Froese. “But I guess we’re all spending like Lutherans these days. Jauma!

When the store does re-open, Mrs. Froese will have to keep six feet away from Mrs. Unger, which she says she’s okay with since she’s always preferred not to get too close to an Unger.

(photo credit: Grap/Wikipedia/CC)

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