Mennonites Scramble to Book the Common Room at Oma’s Manor for Upcoming Christmas Gatherings


Mennonites across the continent were in a mad dash this week to book the common room at oma’s manor for upcoming Christmas gatherings.

“If you don’t book it by mid-September you’re out of luck,” said Mrs. Banman of Black Creek. “I camped out by the sign-up sheet just so I’d be first in line.”

Last year the Banmans were stuck holding their gathering in the MB church basement, and Mrs. Banman was super eager to get her name on the list this year.

“They only let you book three months in advance,” complained Mrs. Banman. “Waut de schissjat is going on here? I  mean, we all know when Christmas is.”

The Banmans have also held their gathering in the upper room at Ricky’s and in the back room at the White Spot.

“I really don’t like the current booking policy,” said Mrs. Banman, “but I guess it’s better then the old system where the Klassens grabbed the sign-up list in 1993 and booked every Christmas Day for the next three decades. We’re still living with the consequences of that fateful day.”

Mrs. Banman was very excited that she managed to get the prime Boxing Day spot and simultaneously booked the Christmas Eve spot, which she plans to auction off to a desperate Wiens or Klippenstein family if the price is right.

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