Mennonites Flock to Bob Ross Exhibit


More than a thousand Friesens and Penners flocked to an exhibit in Omaha this week by their very favourite painter Bob Ross.

“Forget Picasso and Van Gogh. Bob Ross is the man for me!” said Mennonite art critic Peter Friesen. “Like they always say, ‘never trust an artist without a perm.'”

The exhibit features more than a hundred lake scenes by Bob Ross, and Mennonites have come from as far away as Henderson to see it.

“Trees! Lakes! And all churned out in under thirty minutes!” exclaimed Friesen. “This Bob Ross fellow was an artistic genius!”

Friesen says he also appreciated Ross’s calm and soothing way of talking.

“It was a pleasant relief from the Hell and brimstone sermons I got every Sunday morning,” said Friesen. “Bob Ross’s voice always puts me in the mood for a nice afternoon meddachschlop.”

Experts, however, are warning Mennonites to be on the lookout for fakes done by the Henderson EMCC Sunday School class during DVBS this summer.

(photo credit: haiden goggin/CC)

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