Mennonite Woman “Wins the Lottery” After Mrs. Brubacher’s Clothes Blow into Her Yard


Mrs. Eby is feeling like she won the lottery this week after a particularly windy day blew all of Mrs. Brubacher’s clothes right into her yard.

“This should keep the Ebys supplied all winter,” said Mrs. Eby. “I won’t have to sew a new dress or mend a pair of overalls for months!”

The boon of clothes was discovered this morning scattered all over the Eby’s yard.

“That was quite the storm,” said Mrs. Eby. “I had some of the boys climb into the trees and bring down a few pairs of work jeans and a nice Sunday coat for my Isaiah!”

The Brubachers are demanding that the Ebys return the clothes and say there will be consequences if they don’t.

“My Christina and Elizabeth are scheduled to marry their Abraham and Jacob this summer,” said Mr. Eby. “If we don’t get our clothes back, those Brubacher boys can find someone else to marry. Good luck with those Shantz sisters!”

The clothes were immediately returned and everyone’s looking forward to a harmonious relationship from now on.

(photo credit: Christine/CC)

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