Mennonite Woman Receives Most Romantic Birthday Present Ever!


After receiving nothing but kitchen utensils year after year, Mrs. Miller decided she’d hint to her husband that she wanted something a bit more romantic for her 45th birthday this year.

“And, boy, was I surprised as I unwrapped that gift,” said Mrs. Miller. “It was kind of heavy, but I had my suspicions.”

As she carefully unwrapped the present, she revealed the gothic script and yellow cover of Martyrs Mirror: The Bloody Theater.

“Oh, thank you, Johan. Thank you, so much,” exclaimed Mrs. Miller. “For some reason we never got one on our wedding day, so I’m glad we’ll finally be able to delve into these graphic stories of torture and death.”

Mrs. Miller says she’s so grateful for the gift that she has something special planned for her husband tonight.

“Let’s just say, he’ll be handsomely rewarded for his thoughtful gift,” said Mrs. Miller. “I’ve sent the kids to grandma’s for the night.”

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