Mennonite Woman Makes Matching Outfits for the Entire Family


Mrs. Wall of Swift Current stopped by at the local fabric store this week and took home enough material to make the entire family matching outfits.

Na ya, these are going to be some spashal dresses. We’re going to be the best looking family in the lobby this Sunday,” said Mrs. Wall. “I’m sure not even the Bickerts will have floral patterns as bright and loud as the ones I picked out!”

Mrs. Wall spent the rest of the week cutting and sewing and even had little Timmy come in for a measure.

“He’s a growing boy and I want to make sure he fits in with the rest of the family,” said Mrs. Wall. “I’m sure in twenty or thirty years we’ll look back at the photos and be glad we did this!”

All fifteen members of the Wall family will be posing in their snazzy new matching outfits outside the EMBC church this Sunday.

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