Mennonite Woman Gives Husband Stunning New Haircut


Not wanting to wait until the barber shop opens back up, local man Bill Fehr, 73, was so desperate for a haircut that he got his wife Lois to do it. The results were predictably impressive.

“I’ve never cut hair in my life,” said Lois, “except for the chunk I took off my sister when I was six. But Bill was eager to get things chopped.”

Lois carefully cradled her husband’s head between her knees and tied to replicate the fade he discovered in a rock and roll magazine.

“I tried my best. I honestly did,” said Lois. “But what can he expect? I’m not charging a thing! He doesn’t even have to tip!”

Bill says he likes the new do, but is not quite ready to make any Zoom appearances without a hat on.

“She nicked my ear a little,” said Bill, “but once that heals and the patch on the top grows back then we’ll talk about going out in public.”

Overcome with a sudden burst of hair-cutting confidence, Bill then proceeded to cut Lois’s hair with equal prowess.

“It’s a snap. It’s like shearing sheep,” said Bill. “Or skinning a deer. No problem.”

Both Fehrs will be self-isolating for the next two weeks just to prevent people from fainting at the sight of them.

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