Mennonite Woman Enters Guinness Book of Records for Rapid Meat Canning


Mrs. Sarah Glatfelter of Smoketown, Pennsylvania has entered the Guinness Book of Records after canning more than 100 cans of meat for MCC within just one hour.

“I’ve never seen a Mennonite can meat at such a pace,” said the official Guinness record-watcher. “I’ve attended many canning events over the years and I’ve never witnessed such an incredible display of dexterity and athletic prowess. Sarah Glatfelter is a meat-canning machine!”

Glatfelter cleaned, stuffed, weighed and sealed can after can, as she rushed around the MCC facility.

“Out of my way, look out, Mrs. Glatfelter’s here!” exclaimed Glatfelter. “We’ve gotta get this meat canned and ready to go out into the world.”

Glatfelter said she wasn’t actually trying for any record, but is happy to know she’s working at an acceptable pace.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was a slouch,” said Glatfelter. “Oh, and, the Guinness people can put me in their book if they want, but I just want them to know I won’t be consuming any of their product.”

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