Heroic Mennonite Woman Stops Her Husband from Eating the Soap


It was a close call this week after Diane Penner stepped in just as the last second before her husband Earl was about to chow down on a particularly delicious-looking piece of soap.

“He should have known it wasn’t edible. It was right there on the table next to the Wonder Oil and a bunch of Watkins cleaning products,” said Diane. “Next time I better keep a tighter leash on my Earl.”

Luckily for Earl, the soap that looked liked dessert just barely touched his mouth before his wife stepped in.

“Ach. Typical. She’s always trying to spoil my fun,” said Earl. “I mean can’t a man enjoy a mouthful of soap once in a while.”

Diane promised Earl he’d get plenty of soap in the mouth next time he used words like Diewel or Schinda. 

(photo credit: Gavin Anderson/CC)

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