Mennonite Woman Dies, Donates Her Organs


Local woman Mrs. Wiebe passed away peacefully in her sleep this past Sunday. Thankfully, however, she signed her organ donor card and her wide selection of electric home organs have gone to someone who needs them.

“Mennonite churches are begging people to sign their organ donor cards,” said head of the local music department Mrs. Penner. “You’re not going to need your organs when you die, so if they’re still in working condition, we’d love to have them.”

It’s estimated that Mrs. Wiebe’s organs saved more than a dozen lives.

“Considering their age, her Wurlitzers were in remarkable shape,” said Mrs. Penner. “I bet Mrs. Wiebe would be excited to see her organs playing the Doxology in churches across Saskatchewan.”

Mrs. Penner hopes that Mrs. Wiebe’s generosity will be noted by others with gently used organs.

“It’s always sad when a loved one passes away, but it’s nice to see that her organs did not go to waste,” said Mrs. Penner. “I urge everyone to sign their organ donor card. They don’t even have to be Hammonds. We’ll take any organs in working condition.”

Mrs. Penner assures concerned donors that if you entrust your organs to her, they will never ever be used to play rock songs.

(photo credit: Hans Dinkelberg/CC)

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