Mennonite Woman Denied Boarding for Carrying Two Ice Cream Pails of Jreewe


Mrs. Deirdre Giesbrecht was denied boarding of JantsiedJet Flight 606 this afternoon after her ice cream pails full of cracklings were declared a “liquid” and therefore not suitable for carry-on luggage.

Oba nay! Waut de schissjat!” declared Mrs. Giesbrecht, who was on her way back home to Didsbury after a week of visiting the frintschoft north of Saskatoon. “Here, sonny, you can try some yourself. I know my jreewe is nice and moist, but it’s certainly not a liquid.”

Soon security guards were crowded around, all trying to get a sample of the mysterious brown substance in the ice cream pails.

“They told me I could either throw it out or consume the whole bucket in line here,” said Mrs. Giesbrecht. “Well, I hauled out a piece of stale bread and invited the whole security line to join in. We had a wonderful goot faspa.”

Passangers on Flight 606 had time for a round or two of Dutch Blitz before stepping through the body scanner and boarding their plane.

“From now on I’m bringing home my jreewe in tiny 50 ml containers,” said Mrs. Giesbrecht. “That’s how I’ve been smuggling home my schmaunt fat for years.”

(photo credit: Justice Ender/CC)

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