Mennonite Woman Claims to be Man to Get Cheaper Haircut


Taunte Lina waltzed into her local Snips ‘n Go salon this past Tuesday for her weekly haircut, only this time things were a little different when she went to the till to pay.

“And that’ll be just $20 then,” said Taunte Lina, handing her money to the cashier. “Just like all the other men around here.”

The hairdresser demanded another fifteen dollars for no other reason but that Taunte Lina was a Taunte and not an Oncle.

“What an oppscheiselja! I’m not paying an extra fifteen for no good reason,” exclaimed Taunte Lina. “Diewel, the nerve of these people! I didn’t even ask for a hair wash or anything!”

For some reason the hairdresser insisted that Taunte Lina would have to pay more since she was came sporting a flower dress rather than suspenders and dirty rubber boots from the barn.

“I can’t figure out these people,” said Taunte Lina. “If they had any sense at all, they’d be giving the women a discount since we at least take a shower every day, which is a lot more than I can say for my Harold.”

Taunte Lina claims she will now be booking all her appointments as “Abe” and expects to pay accordingly.

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