Mennonite Woman Caught Cheating on ‘Words with Friends’


For the past three years, Mrs. Toews, 71, of Fresno has dominated all her friends in the Scrabble-knock-off Words With Friends. It seems her reign has come to an end after it was discovered that she had been cheating the whole time.

“So, apparently, there are other apps you can get that will literally tell you the very best words to play with the letters you have,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “Oba, Nettie, you shouldn’t leave your phone sitting around after faspa. Be sure your sin will find you out!”

Mrs. Toews has been banned from playing fake Scrabble and has had to resign herself to playing the real deal in the common room at the manor.

“Oba, this is so much more difficult,” said Mrs. Toews. “I can’t score over 100 points … unless I use the dictionary, which, for some reason, none of these ladies will allow!”

Mrs. Toews would have faced severe punishment from her church and community if it wasn’t for the fact that absolutely everyone else playing that game was cheating, too.

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