Mennonite Woman Beats Bobby Flay


Mrs. Friesen from Altona guess-starred on an episode of Beat Bobby Flay this week and totally schooled the Iron Chef with her Saskatoon berry vereniki.

“His pinching technique was all off,” said Mrs. Friesen. “I don’t think he’s ever even seen fruit vereniki let alone made it.”

The judges were impressed with Mrs. Friesen’s ability to successfully roll, stuff, and boil eight dozen vereniki in under twenty minutes.

“Meanwhile Bobby just managed to make three pathetic-looking perogies..and they were leaking like you wouldn’t believe,” said Mrs. Friesen. “Let me tell you, it’s going to take more than an Iron Chef to beat a Mennonite woman!”

After the embarrassing performance, Bobby Flay resigned his position as Iron Chef and Mrs. Friesen took his spot.

“Iron Chef Friesen is going to be hard to beat,” said Flay. “She’s has the advantage in every way…except that she doesn’t swear nearly as much as Gordon Ramsay.”

Mrs. Friesen corrected Flay saying that she did swear on occasion, but that he likely couldn’t understand her Plautdietsch.

(photo credit: Chris Chen/CC/modified)

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