Mennonite Woman Accidentally Displays Sexy Lingerie on Clothesline


Mrs. Martin has sent shockwaves throughout Woolwich Township this past week after a lace teddy that she purchased in Kitchener appeared on her clothesline.

“I nearly crashed my buggy when we went by the Martin place,” said Mr. Eby. “I know my Lydia never wears anything like that!”

The lingerie was up on display for a full hour before Mrs. Martin was called in her to explain the presence of this mysterious garment.

“They really didn’t know what is was, so I explained it to them,” said Mrs. Martin. “They seemed to understand, but couldn’t figure out why a dish towel would have so many holes in it.”

Mrs. Martin says she’s going to wash and dry her intimate items in the house from now on.

“They say a Mennonite’s never supposed to air their dirty laundry in public,” said Mrs. Martin. “Especially not if it’s from Victoria’s Secret it seems.”

(photo credit: beebrisk/CC)

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