Mennonite Sunday School Class to Discuss Ethics of Doing ‘Cash Jobs’


The Eastside Grunthal MCB church will be discussing the ethics of dudes doing jobs for cash in the Sunday morning adult Sunday school class.

“Okay, so Garth over there offered to give me a ten-percent discount to do the backsplash on the bathroom if I paid him in cash,” said Mr. Klassen. “And Tim from across the road offered to give me a good price on a bit of landscaping work so long as I paid him in cash.”

Mr. Klassen can’t for the life of him figure out what’s going on, but is perfectly content to go to the ATM and withdraw enough cash to fill an ice cream pail whenever he needs a bit of work done around the house.

“Pastor Randy says we should be rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” said Mr. Klassen. “But he didn’t say anything about rendering unto Justin Trudeau.”

Ironically, while all the men in the church are working for cash, the church itself is allowing members to sign up to their monthly tithe with automatic withdrawals.

(photo credit: Tom Francis/CC)

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