Mennonite Stunt Driver Performs Ten U-Turns in a Row


A local man who calls himself “Steinbach’s most badass stunt driver,” performed more than a dozen successful U-turns on Main Street on Tuesday night in his Ford pick-up.

“Doing U-turn is how I spend my weekday nights,” said Peter. “I don’t know what the record is for consecutive U-turns, but I’m sure I broke it last night!”

Peter says he usually does a U-turn out by Hespeler on the edge of town before doubling back and U-turning again on Friesen or sometimes Brandt.

“Once in a while I even U-turn way out on Keating Road,” said Peter. “But usually I like to stick to the big city lights of downtown Steinbach.”

Peter explained that he’s also really good at parking his truck with the hood-up at the Extra Foods parking lot.

“What can I say? I’m a man of many talents,” said Peter. “You should see how good I am at pumping my own gas the Co-ops!”

(photo credit: dave_7/CC)

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