Mennonite Rock Band Releases All-Cowbell Version of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’


Local rock band Prairie Oyster Cult just dropped their brand new single ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper: All Cowbell Version’, which rose to the top of the Goshen rock charts.

“I’ve always thought that song didn’t have enough cowbell,” said local classic rock enthusiast Peter Yoder. “I’m really digging this new version by Prairie Oyster Cult which replaces every single instrument with just a bunch of cowbells.”

The song is thought to be the most Mennonite rock song ever written.

“As Mennonites, we certainly don’t fear the reaper, but we do fear a cow hoof in the face,” said lead cowbeller Daniel Stoltzfus. “What better way to rock out Mennonite-style but by a song made up entirely of cowbells?”

The band is also working on an all cowbell version of Hymn 606, but has yet to release the track as they’re having a lot of trouble with the “Praise him above” part.

(photo credit: Frank Merenda/CC)

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