Mennonite Potluck Offers Incredible Array of Macaroni Salads


Attendees at the North Goshen Mennonite Church potluck this past Sunday were in left in absolute shock at the diverse array of macaroni salads on offer.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It was incredible,” said Mrs. Hostetler. “The creativity of the folks around here is absolutely astonishing. Macaroni truly is the world’s most versatile food.”

Potluck goers were offered macaroni and egg, macaroni and bacon, macaroni and chicken, beef taco macaroni, Polynesian-inspired macaroni, macaroni coleslaw, vegan macaroni and, of course, classic elbow macaroni with a bit of mayonnaise.

“And that was just on my side of the table,” said Hostetler. “I couldn’t reach some of the macaroni items on the other side. Looks like I’ll have to go back for some macaroni seconds.”

Macaroni is a well known Mennonite staple in these parts ever since it was first discovered by locals in the 1950s. Area grocery stores always stock extra boxes of macaroni in anticipation of potluck season.

“I don’t know what it is, but us Mennos just can’t get enough macaroni,” said Hostetler. “I think it’s a little much actually. After all, the Lord says, man does not live on macaroni alone.”

(photo credit: Bob B. Brown/CC)

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