Mennonite Pastor Super Excited as His Live-Streamed Sermon Gets Three Whole Views


Pastor Dave is super pumped about the response he got from his live-streamed sermon this morning, which had three views and another viewer who left the live-stream halfway through.

“Quite frankly, it’s better than I expected,” said Pastor Dave. “Hey, if those three people stayed awake the whole time, that’s better than a regular Sunday morning service.”

Pastor Dave was preaching through the Book of Ezekiel and said the new technology took some getting used to.

“I had one of the soundboard guys come over and show me how to turn on the computer,” said Pastor Dave. “Then I sprayed the whole thing with Lysol and got to preaching!”

Pastor Dave is hoping his live-streaming continues to gather a big audience.

“Hey, if I can convince my wife Susan to tune in, then we’ll really be cooking,” said Pastor Dave.

Susan claims she was busy doing the taxes, but everyone knows she was actually watching cat videos.

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