Mennonite Men to Hold Bi-Weekly Schnettje-Konferenz on the Corner of Main and Reimer


Mr. Peters and Mr. Dueck have rolled down the windows of their rusty F-150s and are shooting the breeze and holding up traffic at the Main and Reimer intersection this week.

“Oba, Harry, waut es mit die?” said Mr. Peters, turning down the funeral announcements on his truck radio. “How were the crops this year.”

“Oba, well, I can’t complain, Pieta,” yelled Mr. Dueck, above the sound of his idling engine, as cars behind him began to honk. “Looks like we’ve got to get moving. Same time next week?”

Mr. Peters agreed to roll down his window and shout stuff at Mr. Dueck on the corner of Main and Reimer next week at the exact same time.

“There’s nothing more important for a retired Mennonite man than the bi-weekly Schnettje-Konferenz,” said Mr. Dueck. “How else can I keep up with all the gossip?”

Next Tuesday, Mr. Dueck plans to bring along some schnektje and jam and pass it through his window to all the other old men who show up on Main and Reimer to shoot the breeze.

(photo credit: dave_7/cc)

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